Is Jose Aldo’s Move to 135 Too Big A Weight Cut?

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Jose Aldo make the weight cut to 135 which appears to have been a pretty severe weight cut. Aldo at the age of 33 without PEDs is a smaller man. However, 135 Pounds, Jose appears to have taken on a challenge that may cost him gravely in the fight. How do you think this will affect his performance?

Ariel Helwani states, “The first one is very troubling. Still don’t understand why Aldo is doing this.”

Conor McGregor retorts:
“I disagree here. He looks more than on top of it in my experienced opinion. Well trimmed in advance, and naturally a lighter man now. This can only be done over a long length of time and with complete dedication. Respect! I wish him well and am excited to see him in this division.” […]